AAR: 15-16 AUG 2015 - Vietnow V...Enemy At The Wire.

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AAR: 15-16 AUG 2015 - Vietnow V...Enemy At The Wire.

Post by Jerzreb » Wed Aug 19, 2015 17:33

At long last Vietnow V was here; another chance to have a functioning tracer unit, another opportunity to try and stay up all night and another stab at trying to get a long awaited TanFor victory. Then fate stepped in, or is it kismet meted out by the airsoft gods, but whatever you fancy to call it...it changed all my preconceived ideas of what those twenty Four hours of Vietnow would entail.

With GreenFor's pre-registration lagging as the day drew nigh it was determined that G.O.F.S. needed to switch from Tan to Green. I didn't like the idea but something had to be done and waiting until game morning wasn't the best option for any team to have a run at victory. So it was done but not without a little haggling with Coop concerning home base locations and the option to choose which one I happened to believe afforded Green the best strategy, oh and I volunteered to lead Green as well.

So game day found GreenFor set up on Jersey Field, the field I would have chosen if Coop would have agreed to my proposal, Kismet strikes again! Plus my decision wasn't even privy to the two new spinner locations, one of which was the boat, which became the cornerstone of a quickly hashed out Vietnow V game stratagem.

So there we sat in the shade of our very impressive home base, thanks to Fatty and his crew, loading magazines, securing gear rigs and hydrating. Everyone knew the plan and the plan knew us and so we waited with bated breath for Coop to start the music and blow the whistle.

Cue the 60's psychedelic rock and were off into the wilds of Range 14's airsoft grounds! One four man team with a crate nestled snuggly on a SLED(Swift Load-bearing Extraction Device) headed to Echo. Another five man team geared up with a SLED MKII headed off in search of a lost ammo drop.(Crate) At this point I should mention to those that are not aware, the old ammunition crates are loaded with two U concrete blocks, a tad bit on the heavy side.

Before team One can reach the Bridge team Two has a second crate loaded on the MKII and working back toward the Boat under heavy enemy fire. While two teams of four sit and wait out the thirty minutes required to capture Echo and The Boat, I continue the search for another crate. I locate a third ammo box in the village but promptly begin to take incoming fire from Tan Forces. BB's are traded for sometime until I see a red rag wave in the distance near a building outside of Golf. I wait not sure if the coast is clear, while waiting I instruct Team One to hold at Echo while Team Two takes their crate from The Boat to Foxtrot.

After several minutes I decide to make a run for the crate and drag it back behind a wall in The Village. From there I eventually get it back to the boat and then it is dispatched to a hiding place near the Pipeline along the field boundary. The whole mission exhausted my legs, I decided to hold up in The Boat for the next two hours fielding mission ideas from GreenFor members and how to proceed next.

Patience was now in play as I instructed the game is about minutes not kills and even though my younger members wanted so badly to see some action, I was able to hold them in a defense capacity, at least for a while. Before long we held the field from the Boat through Golf and over to Echo with Foxtrot safely behind friendly lines. During this time word had reached us concerning a downed pilot and so we consigned a few members to begin a search and rescue mission which would prove fruitless.

As the day wore on we began to reach out and dismiss our defensive posture, action beats reaction they say and so we sent a band of airsofters demanding said action off to do what they do. They began probing out towards Delta and The Church. Back and forth we pushed until some ground was taken and bases neutralized. While on patrol one of our younger GreenFor members spotted a fourth supply crate in the ammo dump, a SLED was hastened to the location to speed up it's extraction. We now had in our possession four supply crates, two concealed within the playing field between the Boat and Pipeline and two crates in play capping bases.

On the day went, slow moments at times watching the clock and yet others filled with wild firefights. I received radio communications of a plan that was hatched to push all the way to Bravo. Knowing some of my younger players wanted more trigger time I said what the hell go for it. I thought they would all come back dead and we would end up with bases neutralized while we licked our wounds back at respawn. Well hello Kismet my old untrustworthy friend. Next thing I know I'm on Bravo's doorstep trying to assist my team in extracting a crate under fire from a sniper dug in among the huckleberry.

After taking some wounded, bleeding, sweating and cursing loudly we were out with our fifth supply crate and back to the safety of Golf. The crate was then sent out to join it's other brothers behind the Boat hidden in the underbrush. At this point we were starting to wonder what's up with TanFor? As we waited for a response the search for the downed pilot continued only to see TanFor hauling the pilot back to Bravo. It was suggested to me that we should just go get him and that they did.

Nightfall was coming quickly as we were spread across the field from the Ammo Dump to the Bridge. We counted down the final minutes of the day portion of the game as those members that were leaving us sought out one last firefight. We pulled back to the Boat and said our farewells to Rondo and his boys as we rotated out troops back to respawn to prepare for tracers.

One thing I failed to bring up is at one point after returning from deep in Tanfor's territory we ran right into an advancing Tribal company with AEG's a blazing! Early meetings with ARSE had been rather tame and non threatening but this time was polar opposite. We held on and managed to escape not losing anyone to their heathen and profane ways of torture. This clearly was a warning of what night operations would be like traveling without Air Cover through their Province.

"Black as Midnight, black as pitch, blacker than the foulest witch." As once said by Blix the Goblin could not only be attributed to his heart but also was true of playing airsoft at Range 14 with a New Moon of one percent. Did I say it was dark? Damn it was and curse ARSE and their night vision! My last contact with TanFor was with Fatty in the Boat caring for the Downed Pilot. The rest of Green was either in respawn our creeping their way through the woods checking on base spinners.(Spinners are painted markers in each base to distinguish ownership. Blue was Green and Red was Tan.) We began taking fire from a lone gunman but you could not see anything moving. You had to follow the tracers back as your only hope of locating their owner, spray and pray was the best option for return fire. Needless to say Wesker, I'm pretty sure it was you, slipped in under the boat gunwale and took us out, grabbed the pilot and was off into the night like a shadow.

As we sat there in the eerie green glow of dead sticks bleeding out we discussed what had just transpired when along come Coop and his one conciliatory BB shot to make sure we were dead. Hey green light here! It's all good until we are hauled off as hostages by the rest of ARSE. By the time I walk clear across the field,( and away from my bottle of pickle juice) my leg is about ready to cramp up but I manage to keep fighting it back before and can real dig in and put me on the ground in pain. One at a time they interrogate us trying to get our leader's name. They use sound torture and other methods but none work on us and so in the end they cap us both in the head and send us on our merry way.

Once back at the GreenFor base this might be about the time when we learn TanFor is gone/had left for reasons to us at this time were unknown, but we are left a bit bewildered. So we decided we must keep at least the Boat for the night to keep getting the one point as ARSE had neutralized our other holdings. We also met the last two players of Tan that were camping out for the night planning to rejoin in the morning since they had no tracer units. In the end it was decided by Admin that they could join Green and play without tracers and so they did. Sorry but I don't recall your names but thanks for the help.

It was also decided to get the Pilot back, the old Tan members tried to help but only knew Wesker dumped the body somewhere in the woods. So we spread out and went in search and eventually found him. The plan now was have Pilot now just recap the Boat and collect two points through the night. Easy enough if you can keep ARSE out of the mix. We were just about half asleep cat napping when we came under heavy attack. We fought them off for a time but in the end they took our position as well as us as hostages. I myself bargained my way out as my legs would have never made it across the field. Those four poor suckers disappeared into the night only to be seen again in pictures disseminated across the Inter-Webs.

I worked on refueling my body to get my legs back and caught some shut eye from 0200 to just about 0230. When everyone returned from their hostage experience we headed out to hunt down ARSE, never really had much contact outside a few members near Echo. Later we ended up having a good firefight with some Tribals that had taken up residence in the Boat. This went on for a good time until we killed most of them or they just decided they had enough and left. We wander a bit after that, being tired at this point a lot of details are hard to recall. Around 0400 the music stopped, we assume the generator ran out of fuel. With the quiet we begin taunting ARSE verbally as we did Tan earlier in the day with. "JUST DO IT!" ...."WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?" ..."JUST DO IT!" We then grab my radio and head out toward their respawn location and begin a barrage of psychological warfare. This operation goes on for over a half hour and is just glorious fun! In the end ARSE stays sheltered in their lair and we pack up and head back to GreenFor's home. It's about 0500 and we all decide to get some sleep and get up at 0600. We end up sleeping until 0700 followed by a call to Admin to get a game update status with TanFor now gone. The word comes down game over ARSE is packing up!.

I'm sure I missed a bunch of stuff but this gives you a bit of a picture of what we went through. Back at base we recharged batteries with the generator we had. Worked to get guns working and tracer units functioning properly. We filled one and a half trash cans with food and drink debris, and just had a total blast even though we were hot, sweaty and sore!

Special thanks to GreenFor, you're only as good as the players working with you. Thanks Fatty, Red and Bboy for the canopy's, we had one hell of a setup. Also Rondo, VanGogh and Bird, his two youngin's are better than some adult players. Also thanks go out to Hoff and Castle of the Scarlet Rangers, Chewbacca would be proud. Sorry Rondo and I yelled and cursed at you all, just think of it as tough love. And last but not least to the two defectors from Tan that joined us late in the game. Also thanks for helping Coop get set up and cleaned up at the end......Your Team Leader Jerzreb

"Some people dream of success while you're gonna wake up and work hard at it!" -Shia LaBeouf

Note: Please forgive any misspellings and/or odd use of grammar. :)

Special thanks and shout out to Coop and The_Stealth, awesome game! Well done as always. :37

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