Cutthroat Contracting Airsoft Helo Run

New Jersey based Airsoft team Cut Throat Contracting shared a well edited Airsoft montage video from their time at Serious Viking II hosted by Third Coast Airsoft in Barnwell, South Carolina last September 15th. The gameplay video shows off the large Government Training Institute location of the event, both indoor and outdoor combat and aerial helicopter suppression runs.

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Welcome Surge Airsoft and Task Force Spartan to the NJA Airsoft Team directory!

Surge Airsoft is a 5-10 man team based out of Hackettstown, NJ.  Check out their Youtube channel with game play and unboxing Airsoft videos.

Task Force Spartan operate in North Jersey out of Hunterdon county and play primarily at Stryker Airsoft and Godfather’s outdoor field.

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