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Cutthroat Contracting Airsoft Helo Run

New Jersey based Airsoft team Cut Throat Contracting shared a well edited Airsoft montage video from their time at Serious Viking II hosted by Third Coast Airsoft in Barnwell, South Carolina last September 15th. The gameplay video shows off the large Government Training Institute location of the event, both indoor and outdoor combat and aerial helicopter suppression runs.

You can view the video below and be sure to check out additional Airsoft gameplay videos on our Videos page here. Subscribe to our channel to see all the new local Airsoft YouTube videos through one source!

Well now…We had a lot of updates and announcements to share today and a short amount of time to do it so we decided to pull it all together into a video podcast! In this video we talk about:

– No site updates from 9/15 – 9/25
– What’s new to NJA this past week?
– What enhancements are coming up for NJA?
– Flea Market details
– NJA Facebook
– Upcoming Airsoft Events

Let us know what you think of this format and/or ways to improve it. Perhaps it can be the new style for our weekly brief videos. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive these and other great Airsoft videos.