Wall of Shame

An actor in Indiana is lucky to be alive after a dangerous encounter with the local police while on set filming a small budget movie and the entire encounter is captured on video. It all started when a local citizen saw the actors holding up a tavern with Airsoft guns while donning black ski masks and called the police. As actor James Duff exited the bar as part of the scene, with Airsoft replica still in hand, he was shocked to see police officers yelling at him with firearms pointed in his direction. In his surprise he raised his arms (and Airsoft replica) to remove his mask which prompted an officer to fire a round that flew just inches from Mr. Duff’s head. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident and the county prosecutor will not be pressing any charges.

The incident was originally reported by the Washington Post and you can view the body cam video from the responding officer along with additional details here: Original Article

This incident is an important example and reminder that caution needs to be exercised when using Airsoft guns at all times. Transport your Airsoft replicas in the trunk of your car (if possible) in full sealed bags or cases. Avoid playing in public areas, parks or backyards visible by the public. It’s not enough that you told all your neighbors that you’ll be playing Airsoft in your backyard; you never know if a delivery driver or biker/jogger from the next neighborhood just happen to see your group and call the police. And being October we cannot stress enough to leave your Airsoft replicas at home during Halloween! It doesn’t matter how cool your M4 AEG will look with your Delta Force costume; it could get you shot!

Though Mr. Duff will not face any charges in Indiana for the incident; the outcome would likely have been different had it occurred in New Jersey. In November 2015, actor Carlo Goias was arrested in New Jersey for possessing an Airsoft pistol without a permit while filming a car chase scene for a low budget movie. Mr. Goias faced up to 30 years in jail (due to a prior criminal history), but luckily was sentenced to two years probation instead in December 2016.


Last week was not a proud week for the town of Maplewood, NJ in Essex county as they had to deal with two students bringing guns into the same school on two separate days.  Last Wednesday, a seventh grader brought his parent’s loaded 9mm Glock handgun into the Maplewood Middle School.  The very next day, a 15 year old male student brought an Airsoft pistol and a kitchen knife to school .  Fortunately, the local authorities were alerted in both scenarios and the students were identified and apprehended without incident.  The students were arrested and sent to the Essex County Juvenile Detention Center.

Gun charge convictions in Maplewood, NJ carry a fine up to $1,000, up to 90 days in jail or both.  In addition, it is illegal in the state of New Jersey to bring Airsoft replicas onto school grounds.  Check out our Legality section if you’d like to learn more about local laws pertaining to Airsoft.



Vineland resident Jeremiah Harmon, 18, and Atco residents Irvin Ridley, 19, and Matthew Solis-Mays, 21 were arrested for robbing a gas attendant at a Citgo station in Winslow Township around 1 AM on Monday, January 5, 2015.  Mr. Ridley and Mr. Solis-Mays pointed Airsoft pistols at the attendant and demanded money which prompted the attendant to run.  The accused quickly caught up to the attendant and pulled him back to the gas station where they collected the cash he was carrying and a few cartons of cigarettes before fleeing.

They enjoyed their victory for roughly 30 minutes before Winslow PD identified their vehicle and pulled them over.  Officers found the money, cigarettes and two Airsoft pistols in their vehicle which caused the three to confess to the crime.  They are currently held at the Camden County Correction Facility on $100,000 bail a piece and earned a spot on our Wall of Shame.

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