C&C Airsoft in Stanhope, NJ will be holding Countdown to Chaos on Sunday, March 8, 2015.  This will be a high action event with three teams pushing for the same objectives that will truly test your team tactics and ability to achieve goals under pressure!  $20 to attend for a full day of slinging plastic with gates opening at 9 AM.

If you’re looking to attend you can register right here on the site by clicking the button below.  Do it!



Local New Jersey Airsoft team Reapers Contracting braved the snowstorm over the weekend to check out NY indoor field Hudson Valley Airsoft.  If you’ve never been there, check out their quick video walking through the warehouse arena to get an idea.  Love seeing the NJA patch guys!

Reapers Contracting is actively recruiting.  Check out their page if you’re over 21 and interested in joining.


Are you an active local Airsoft player that wants to help the NJA community and earn some extra cash?  We are seeking players to help write articles for the site; from after action reports, product reviews to local Airsoft news.

Contact us if you are interested to join the team using the Request Type: Contributions and let us know why you’d be right (links to things you’ve written a plus!)


Update: Hearts on Fire at C&C Airsoft has been cancelled due to weather.

Looking for something to do with your significant other this weekend?  Brave the cold and check out these upcoming local Airsoft games this weekend like Hearts on Fire at C&C Airsoft in Stanhope, NJ or Op: V-Day Massacre at Softair NJ in Manchester, NJ.  As they say; couples that play together stay together!*

* – We have no clue if this is true, but it sure as hell sounds good!