Classic Army Sportline M15A4 AEG

Classic Army wanted to create a line that could offer the durability and quality their brand was known for while fitting the needs of a budget-minded new entry level player.  Their creation was the new Classic Army Sportsline AEG that came out in the fall of 2007.

The first model was the CA Sportsline M15A4 modeled after the popular M16 / M4 series rifles popular in military applications across the world.  The AEG utilized an ABS plastic body, but still weighed in a 5.15 pounds which is only slightly lighter than its full metal counterpart.  Everything else is standard to what you would expect from an AEG: a one piece metal barrel, realistic upper and lower receivers, one piece hop-up unit and functioning charging handle and ejection port.

In 2013, Classic Army decided to improve the internals of their Sportsline with a change to metal bushings, a stronger 110 spring, metal spring guide, improved air nozzle, high torque motor and a steel gear set.

The Classic Army Sportline M15A4 sells on average for $160 as of the time of this writing.

Here’s what some people have to say for the replica:

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Were you at OXCC‘s Battle of the Bulge event last Saturday, Dec 13th?  If so, we’d like to hear how the game went at our After Action Report forum!


There’s already a few game play videos up from the event like this gem where a lucky player takes out half a dozen enemies while they cross a road.  Just like in grade school, remember to look left, right, left before crossing!



We here at New Jersey Airsoft had a lot of fun with the hat giveaway so we’re back to do it again! This time NJA Sponsor Airsoft Peak has provided the giveaway item; a CALDERAGEAR Molle Shoulder Bag.

Rules are simple. Simply post the word “FREE” in this forum thread (LINK) by Friday December 19, 2014 to be entered to win. That’s it! We’ll randomly select a winner from the entries and announce the winner the following day.

CALDERAGEAR 1000D Tactical Molle Shoulder Bag (Tan)

NJA Patch (Tan)

Thank you everyone for your support of New Jersey Airsoft, both recently and through the years, and good luck with the giveaway!

Nothing signifies the growth of Airsoft in New Jersey than new fields and stores opening up to spread the game to new players across the state.  We are happy to add two brand new NJ based stores to our Store directory.  If you’re in the neighborhood, check them out and tell’em NJA sent you!


Apocalypse Paintball Supplies (Vineland, NJ)


Smoke N’ Gun (Ringoes, NJ)

Don't miss out on this one; historically accurate and one of the most influential battle of US history: experience it yourself, 70 years later!

Outdoor Xtreme Chesapeake City (OXCC) in Chesapeake City, MD is hosting their yearly event, Battle of the Bulge, on Saturday, December 13th.  Based upon the famous 1945 battle during World War II, the event will pit American and German teams in a fight for control of Bastogne and the surrounding areas of Y-29 Airfield, Foy, Malmedy, St Vith and more.

We reached out to Kristy Barno, owner of OXCC, who gave us more information about the event and had some great tips to help players prepare for the battle.

How long has OXCC been running the Battle of the Bulge series for?
This will be the fourth year.

The series has been very successful.  How many players did you host last year and how many do you anticipate for 2014?
Last year we had 262 players and we hope to have as many or even top last year’s number.

Why a World War II themed event?
Airsoft players love historically accurate play.  World War II is so significant in the world’s history and this particular battle was significant to the war on two levels: the German losses were more than their army could take, with approximately 30,000 soldiers and 44,000 infantry forces were killed or captured.  The Germans also lost a significant amount of weapons, specifically tanks.  This battle is seen as Hitler’s last major offensive in the war.  This particular battle not only brought about the end of the German army and the Nazi reign, but also had a profound effect on the soldiers who fought in the icy Ardennes.

How much of the +100 acre site will be utilized for the event?
With the exception of the two smaller fields “Jungle One and Jungle Two” and the netted ‘speedball’ area, the entire field will be used for this year’s Battle of the Bulge.

What can players expect from the event?
Players can expect to have a lot of ‘trigger time’ as scenarios are designed around both dominating the battlefield by capturing key objectives, but also spur-of-the-moment missions that could take you deep behind enemy lines. We will attempt to create the “fog of war” by utilizing smoke grenades, changing missions and simulated artillery strikes.

Smoke grenades seem to be an important part of the event simulating a “fog of war”.  Will players be able to deploy their own smoke grenades to add to the chaos?
Absolutely! We’ve approved for use, and will have for sale both during pre-registration and on-site, Sport Smoke, LLC. Tactical Smoke Grenades. Players will be able to purchase their own and utilize them to turn the tide of the battle in their favor.

Any tips to help players prepare for the battle?
Players should ensure they show up on time and as ready-to-play as possible. Magazines pre-loaded the night before and all gear checked and tested will aid in meeting the timeline in the morning. Each team will be given a ‘CP’ located on the field where players may store gear such as BBs, Gas, Water, Food, etc… We therefore highly recommend a small bag that’s easy to carry out to this area.

Battle of the Bulge will be held at OXCC on Saturday, December 13, 2014 from 8AM – 5 PM.  Players can still register for the event through the OXCC website: http://oxcc.com/ .  Admission is $45 for pre-registration or $55 walk on per player.

New Jersey Airsoft is giving away NJA patches to players that have pre-registered for the event!  If you’ve signed up, then get your free patch here!