To help you stay on top of recent updates by your favorite local NJ Airsoft fields and stores we’ve added a Facebook feed specific to each establishment.  For example, the OXCC field page on the site will display the four most recent posts from their Facebook page.

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C&C Airsoft‘s large mil-sim event, Chem Wars: The Beginning, is rapidly approaching on 4/19/2015 with information and rules being announced as the game date gets closer.  Recently, they released a video explaining the wounded/medic rules that will be in place for the event.  Essentially, each player can be revived twice by any teammate by tying one of the two bandages carried by every player to their arm.  Medics will have a limited number of carabiners that can be attached to a player causing any used bandages to be reset and available for revives again.

The event is already at full capacity; however, you can join a call list to get a chance to join should any cancellations occur.  Head over to Facebook and PM C&C Airsoft to join.


The Tokyo Marui M870 Gas Shotgun hates soda…and we caught it on camera…

Almost two years ago NJA moderator, Daedalus, got his hands on a brand new Tokyo Marui M870 Gas Shotgun when they were first released and we had a fun opportunity to see what it could do.  What better way to test it out than to blow up some soda cans and film it in slow motion!  We were having fun and never intended to publish the video, but were motivated after CJ from the New Jersey based team Reaper Contracting captured great footage of the gas shotgun striking his GoPro camera from an elevated position a good distance away during a game held at Plains Airsoft Arena in March.



Last day to preregister for Operation: Patriot Rising at OXCC in Chesapeake City, MD to save $10 off admission!  Event will be tomorrow, Saturday March 28, 2015 with gates opening at 7 AM.  Their last big event, Battle of the Bulge, drew over 260 players and we heard a lot of great feedback from attendees of a fantastic game. Join them this weekend for the next one! Click here to learn more details about the event including uniform requirements, schedule and background.

OXCC is a premiere outdoor Airsoft field with over 100 acres of play fields located just over the Delaware River from south Jersey.