Be sure to preregister for OXCC‘s next big Airsoft event, Operation: Barracuda, by May 31 to receive the discounted admission price of $29 (walk-ons pay $49 to play)!  You don’t want to miss this large-scale Airsoft game as OXCC has been on a roll putting together great scenarios like Operation: Patriot Rising and Battle of the Bulge.

Choose to defend the Island of Chesapeake as a member of the Chesapeake Defense Forces (Green) or the assaulting United Nations/US forces (Tan) upholding human rights on the field in a battle with over 200 players expected.

Learn more about the event and how to register here.

OXCC is a premiere outdoor Airsoft field with over 100 acres of play fields located just over the Delaware River from south Jersey.



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